Alright, I’ve been convinced to keep the blog up, but I’m not taking new submissions or making new posts for the time being.

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masteralchemyst said: It was a pleasure reading your blog. It will be sorely missed.

Thanks.  I’ve been convinced to keep it up, so you can still poke around the blog if you like.

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Anonymous said: just wait? for what? whats coming up with bram?

Well, you’ve seen the song they’re singing in the next episode, right?  Start from there.

assbuttsassemble said: I think I may have figured out why the writers made Blaine cheat despite it being so OOC. I think it was because he hasn't really done anything to cause conflict. I can understand why they would want to do something along those line but I cannot fathom making it SO OOC. That's not fair to the character nor the actor, because everyone knows fan are hardcore. I just thought I would tell you before you shut down this blog, I will miss it despite just finding it.

I’m going to keep it up, but not take new submissions.  I might re-open it at a later time, but let’s say the blog is on hiatus for now.  Glee viewers are used to those!

And I think they had Blaine cheat (which, yes, was very OOC) to cause drama and break them up and keep them broken up.  They don’t care about the characterization of the characters.  They’ll make them do whatever to force the plot.

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Anonymous said: Can't you leave the blog up so we can at least reflect on it, even though you won't be adding to it??

Yes, I’ll leave it up.

Anonymous said: Can we at least know your main blog? I like to hear your opinions on certain topics :)

I don’t think that’s a good idea.  I received enough hate from certain fandom factions on this gleefailures blog.

eyeslikeseaglass said: Would you consider putting this blog up for adoption?

I don’t really trust it to anyone else, though people are of course free to make their own.  I will, however, leave it up for a while, though I will no longer be taking submissions.

2damnfeisty said: I don't blame you. I was done after the attention brought to Bobby and Chris Brown this episode. So unnecessary.

Damn, I forgot to mention that.

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Anonymous said: Focus on the relationship of Blaine and Sam more than the actual couple of Sam and Brittany.

Just wait.

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thebreathattheendofakiss said: The fact that you're shutting your blog down saddens me greatly.

I’m sorry!

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